11 Fascinating Things About Paris You Never Knew

Paris, the fashion capital of the world, houses grandiloquent monuments that mesmerize travelers from across the globe. While the Baroque architecture, the reminiscence of the French Revolution and World Wars can rekindle the history buff in you, the restaurants offer the perfect romantic dining experience with your better half. However, among so many obvious things, […]

6 Traditional Foods You Must Try On Your Ukraine Trip

Ukraine, the Eastern European country is often referred to as the ‘breadbasket of Europe’. The subtropical climate allows farmers to grow barley, millet, wheat and rye. Despite the fact that Ukraine had been under the Russian domination for over two centuries, Ukrainians have successfully managed to preserve their native culture, tradition and traditional cuisines. While […]

6 Reasons To Get Your Business Registered On Online Business Directories

Online business directories connect customers with relevant businesses. These databases list out the basic details about your business like the opening timings, range of products and services available etc. There are location specific and industry-specific business directories which should be particular interest to the small and medium-sized enterprises. Google My Business, Yelp, Apple Maps, Foursquare, […]

6 Tips To Efficiently Manage Customer Reviews

Reputation management involves asking for customer feedback, responding to them, handling criticism and working on them. Although it seems so straightforward, managing customer reviews is an art and not everyone can do it efficiently. For example, asking for customer reviews every now and then can irritate your customers and they may leave your services. However, […]