Artificial Intelligence Revolution In Healthcare To Help You Live Longer

Artificial Intelligence Revolution in healthcare

There is hardly an industry today that has been left out from the Midas touch of Artificial Intelligence Revolution. AI has enabled many gadgets like Parkoz Transformer Cellphone once talked in science fictions and movies transcend into our lives. Now that technology has started to keep up pace with our fantasies, transhumanist movement speculates the […]

5 Skills To Learn From Famous Bloggers

In the Oscar-winning movie ‘The Social Network’, Mark Zuckerberg’s blog about his split with Erica Albright and the consequent launch of the ‘FaceMash‘ crashed the Harvard network. A decade earlier, blogging was just a hobby for many people. Today, it has become a full-time career for many. Nevertheless, several self-proclaimed digital entrepreneurs often fail to […]

Skills Required For Mechanical Engineering

skills in mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering can broadly be viewed as an amalgam of following three streams: Design Engineering Production Engineering Industrial Management Most streams you have heard of like robotics, automobile engineering, aerospace engineering or bioengineering can be grouped into one of the above three streams. For example, ‘Medical Device Development’ is a key area of research in […]