8 Tips For an Unforgettable Hammock Camping Trip

Planning for a Hawaiian escapade or a vacation at Miami this summer? Well, basking in the sun to get the cherished cosmopolitan tan at a sea-facing resort, watching people kiteboarding or windsurfing and sipping wine or sweet vermouth while rocking in the hammock is an ideal way to spend your time in a vacation. It’s not just about a beach holiday. You may probably want to sleep under the stars amidst the lap of nature while gossiping with your partner. Hammocks may be your most coveted outdoor camping gear. So if you are planning to get a hammock, here are 8 tips for an unforgettable hammock camping trip.


  1. Buy The Right Hammock

Before you buy a portable hammock, you should focus on the size. Usually, people buy double sized hammocks for comfort and not necessarily to accommodate a friend. For backpacking, a lighter one is going to lessen your burden. A deep sag makes the hammock less prone to fall out as it lowers the centre of gravity. You can find more about the types of hammock at Beginner Guide To Hammock Camping.


  1. Laying In The Hammock

You should try out the different sleeping positions in your hammock before venturing out into the wilderness. Laying in the right posture is as important as correctly pitching it. You should lay angled, ideally diagonally. The angled position also prevents the sides of the hammock from bunching up. To prevent slipping to the middle under the weight of your torso, hang your footside slightly higher (around 8-10 inches) than the other side.


  1. A Drip Line To Rescue You From Rainwater

Rains can ruin your camping experience. Usually, the sling is tied between two sturdy trees using suspensions. Rainwater can seep down the suspensions and get your hammock wet. To prevent this from happening, you may tie a drip line on your suspension.


  1. Stay Warm

Cold winds can make your camping experience miserable. Thus, insulation is very important. If you are a beginner, hanging out camping in warm weather is better. A bad experience, that too in your first attempt, may dissuade you go for more camping extravaganza.


  1. Right Clothing

There is nothing soothing than a blanket on a cold camping night. While camping during the winters, don’t forget to take waterproof jackets, warm caps and inner thermals. Prepare for temperature lower than your expectations. You may consider taking an extra blanket to feel cozy and unfazed due to a sharp decline in temperature.


  1. Plan Ahead

Planning is the key to a successful camping. Planning ahead of time can save you from panicking due to some missing gears. You can try out the hammock to ensure that it doesn’t rip due to your load or the straps break. Double checking with the figures mentioned by your manufacturer can give you the peace of mind.


  1. Right Accessories

If you are planning for lounging on a hammock in the night, you must buy accessories like a net for bugs or tarp for rains. If it is your first time, ensure to bring a tent. If you find it uncomfortable, you can easily retire to the tent. You may feel a tight ridge under your legs when lying at an angle on a hammock for a long time. To release the hypertension, you can keep a padding like a pillow. Carabiners are handy to place your handbag or other important equipment off the ground.


  1. Safety Tips

To avoid injuries or bruises during fall, you shouldn’t tie the hammock above 3 feet from the ground. Ensure that there are not any sharp objects or rocks below. If you are planning to use hammock stands, ensure that they are robust enough. A collapsing stand is the least you can anticipate.


While lounging on a hammock is enjoyable, going overboard without precautions can mar your overall experience. You would like to flaunt an enviable tan to your friends, not a bruise for sure!

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