10 Most Affordable Countries To Study Abroad For Indian Students

“Will going to a university pay off?” This was the dilemma I was in a few months back while selecting universities to pursue postgraduate study abroad. I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate from IIT (BHU) Varanasi and I had admit offers to pursue Masters in Biomedical Engineering/ Bioengineering at Carnegie Mellon (USA), Imperial College London […]

Industry-Academia Collaboration in India: A Dire Need To Boost The Global Ranking of Universities

Research Questions: What is our current stand? The education scenario in India today speaks of over 1 million students passing out every year in the science background into careers across scientists, engineers and technicians. However only 10 per cent of this number is actually employable. There is a lack of proper practical training at the […]

Is It Worth Doing MS In US Now?

https://www.forbes.com/sites/carriesheffield/2015/04/24/is-college-an-investment-or-consumption/#5e67ec9521f9 Is your education an expense or an investment? If you can afford it, it’s cheap. Just take the case of Sara Ali Khan, the daughter of Saif Ali Khan. She graduated from Columbia University with a bachelors degree in Political Science (Check the fact). Now, it’s well known to us that a STEM degree […]

5 Best GRE Prep Apps

best gre prep apps

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score is mandatory to get into a postgraduate program at a top university in the USA. Even several European and Asian universities ask for a GRE score. Although I scored a perfect score of 170 in the quantitative section, I fell short of 17 marks from the maximum score in the […]

Skills Required For Mechanical Engineering

skills in mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering can broadly be viewed as an amalgam of following three streams: Design Engineering Production Engineering Industrial Management Most streams you have heard of like robotics, automobile engineering, aerospace engineering or bioengineering can be grouped into one of the above three streams. For example, ‘Medical Device Development’ is a key area of research in […]