6 Reasons To Get Your Business Registered On Online Business Directories

Online business directories connect customers with relevant businesses. These databases list out the basic details about your business like the ...
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The Cause Of A Falling Indian Rupee

The logic is quite simple but you need to understand the concept of Current Account Deficit (CAD) and Oil Imports. Account ...
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6 Best Countries To Invest In Real Estate

The prospects of watching the sunset in the Mediterranean Sea from your sea-facing luxury apartment or partying in your villa ...
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5 Reasons Why Yelp Reviews Are Important

Imagine you are going to take your crush on a charming date. You are sweating to find a decent Italian ...
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6 Tips To Efficiently Manage Customer Reviews

Reputation management involves asking for customer feedback, responding to them, handling criticism and working on them. Although it seems so ...
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6 Tips For Entrepreneurs Who Need To Stay More Focused

Successful entrepreneurs are wired differently. Although it may sound fascinating that ‘you are your own boss’, the entrepreneurial journey is ...
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6 Affordable Ways To Handle Your Online Reputation

Online reputation management is an internet marketing strategy to address negative feedbacks about your business, rank higher in Google searches ...
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Why You Need To Employ An Online Reputation Management Services For Your Business

If you are a business owner reading this article, it is needless to mention the insurmountable efforts and time needed ...
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5 Innovative Marketing Ideas to Increase Your Sales

Gone are the days when publishing an ad in a newspaper or distributing pamphlets used to be significant mediums of ...
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6 Great Startup Ideas For People Who Love Food

The food and hospitality business is now an ever growing industry. These days many people love to experiment with their ...
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5 Ways To Improve Your Local Search Rankings

With internet marketing booming in the last few years, many businesses have made a transition to digital marketing. Internet marketing ...
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6 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic Immediately

Imagine the situation when you hit the publish button on your latest blog post and you anticipate comments and shares ...
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6 Skills Every SEO Expert Needs To Have

Experts used to be seen as people who are extremely focussed on a particular area and devote immense time to ...
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How To Select Universities For MS Abroad?

In April 2018, I had to make a choice that would alter my entire career. With 9 university admits in 6 ...
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My First Experience With Microscopy In Grad School

It was in high school, about a decade ago, when I first viewed onion peel cells under the microscope. It ...
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6 Important Hacks I Learned During My First Week Of Grad School

Oh, I hate those days when I had to work on assignments and slog hours mugging up stuff I don't ...
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4 Life Hacks To Stop Overthinking

" Am I good enough to do the job?" "How will I solve this algorithm? I am not able to ...
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how does culture affect business

4 Times Cultural Differences In Business Affected The Sales

“History is a great teacher and those who fail to learn from it are doomed to repeat it.” Starting from ...
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organic hair care products

Why You Need To Use Natural and Organic Hair Products

The seductive Queen Cleopatra and the folklores of her aphrodisiac charms still reverberates today. Her beauty secrets have been researched ...
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Digital Marketing Campaigns Done Right

5 Successful Digital Social Media Campaigns To Learn From

Digital social media strategies have been mercurial over the years and many companies have failed to adhere to the latest ...
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fonts for resume

Times New Roman And Arial Can Cost You Your Job

Your resume may not reflect your entire potential and may not reveal your amazing life experience. However, it reveals enough ...
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paid summer internship

What to do with Internship Money?

Parth Thacker was elated when he received a whooping INR 240,000 stipend for a two month summer internship at Hindustan ...
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5 Skills To Learn From Famous Bloggers

In the Oscar-winning movie 'The Social Network', Mark Zuckerberg's blog about his split with Erica Albright and the consequent launch ...
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5 Innovative Startups at Wharton India Challenge

The 22nd Wharton India Economic Forum and the 5th Wharton India Startup Challenge yet again saw some tremendous ideas that ...
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House of Cards poster

Why Is NETFLIX unsuccessful in India?

With hundreds of original TV series in its content base, Netflix is yet to be successful in India and is ...
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