10 Medically Approved Exoskeletons to Suit Up

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Tony Stark’s J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) brings home the possibility of designing an intelligent exoskeleton. The latest advances in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, neurosensing technologies have shown promises of achieving this in the near future. Most existing exoskeletons are designed to serve two broad ranges of use, human strength augmentation and human […]

6 Lesser Known Foreign Research Internship Programs

aalto internship students

Internships are now a mandatory part of the engineering curriculum. While some may focus on gaining practical experience in an industry, a foreign internship in a university or a research lab is particularly helpful for students aiming for higher education. Although several programs like DAAD, MITACS, Charpak and NTU-India Connect are quite popular and well […]

How to find a summer research internship without scholarship programs

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Summer Research internship is not just about quality research projects.When your work takes you to places, one can explore new culture and cuisine. Further, traveling brings in newer dimensions in you. I would like to emphasize the fact that it is better to have some research experience before applying to some summer research internship abroad. […]

Hydroponic For Wastewater Management

Hydroponics for wastewater management

Conventional water treatment solutions have been criticized for their lack of sustainability. Researchers at KTH Royal University in Sweden had earlier proposed hydroponic cultivation as an effective ‘ecological alternative’ for wastewater treatment. Now, researchers from Hungary have reiterated their claims by using sewage sludge containing heavy metals like zinc for Szarvasi-1 energy grass cultivation. In […]